Nitrogen is a beneficial alternative to air in tyres. A dry, inert and slow acting gas; Nitrogen is used in tyres of various vehicles, in many different industries and organisations.

Military vehicles, racing vehicles, heavy equipment vehicles, space shuttles, and aeroplanes all use Nitrogen-filled tyres. There are different reasons for choosing Nitrogen over air. Unlike air-filled tyres, Nitrogen-filled tyres are able to sustain tyre pressure better, and for longer periods of time. This is because Nitrogen has slightly larger molecules than the oxygen molecules in air, so it is harder for Nitrogen to permeate through the rubber of a tyre.

In addition, Nitrogen tyres are safer than air tyres in extreme heat temperatures. This is because Nitrogen is non-flammable, which is an especially important factor for drivers who travel in extremely hot conditions.

Overall, Nitrogen-filled tyres run cooler, increase tread life and fuel mileage, and prevent uneven tread wear.